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Viet rice Co., Ltd has been established since 2009 the company is one of the leading Viet rice exporters with extensive experience and good reputation. With exporting quantity and has been well recognized as one of Vietnam. We carry various kinds of rice range such as Vietnam Jasmine Rice. Vietnam Nanghoa White Rice. Vietnam ST5 White Rice. Vietnam ST20 White Rice. Vietnam normal white rice we want to share our customer’s quality of products a standard from Vietnam.

The company to design and introduce innovatie packaging from 0.5kg, 1kg, 2kg, 5kg. Technology and Environment an award for outstanding packaging of an agricultural product. Our rice mill full line of high technology machineries with capacity of 400 tons per day and 20.000 tons per month and also is run by professional management team we can loading direct to lighter or ocean-going vessels at 1.000-1.500 MT per day.The problem of weight losses and demaged goods are being greatly reduced. To live up to international standard.

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